Friday, February 15, 2013

Jim Carrey, Australia, police, and Crack Heads

Ok, this one is really screwed up. 
I was at a backyard wrestling match at my coworker's Rachel's house, with Jim Carrey (dressed as Freddie Mercury) and Ethan Supplee from "My Name is Earl".  I had a dog with me named Max, which will be important later in the dream.  Also, it is important to know we were in Australia.

The wrestling match was coming to an end as this dream begins, Jim, Ethan and I get in Jim's truck and go to pick up another person from a different neighborhood.  I left Max with Rachel at the house.  There were signs, similar to political signs, in people's yards with Jim Carrey's face on it advertising for a TV show in which Jim's character was a serial killer who was a master of disguise.  The only conclusion is, I was in a television show as a character with the other 2 actors.

As we're driving through these neighborhoods to go pick up the forth person, there are a bunch of bare footed crack heads walking around, kind of like zombies, getting questioned and arrested by the police. 

We finally pick up the other person, and go driving some more.  Either I stopped dreaming at this point, or don't remember why we picked him up or where we went, because the next part of the dream is us dropping me off at a different house, and for some reason I didn't have any shoes on.  Maybe I never had them on, maybe I left them at Rachel's house.  Regardless, I had to walk to Rachel's a couple blocks over, to go pick up Max and go home. 

As the rain begins to fall, I get out of the truck and start walking down the driveway to head to Rachel's house, and I trip and fall onto the wet concrete.  So now here I am, walking the streets of crack-zombie neighborhood, barefoot, wet and dirty.

As I'm walking, a female police officer starts to question me about being a crack addict.  I was very sober in my answers and convinced her to follow me to Rachel's house so I could pick up Max, and corroborate my story, purposely leaving out the fact that I was recently in the company of the master of disguise serial killer Jim Carrey.

Finally we reach Rachel's and I am able to show the police the remains of the wrestling ring in the back yard, and we enter the house to find Rachel and retrieve Max, therefore making my story accurate so the police don't think of me as a crack head.

I ask Rachel where Max is, and she seems a little distracted, as if maybe she forgot she was supposed to be watching him, or that she possibly lost him.  But she says "Oh he is downstairs, let me go get him".  The police, in the meantime are searching the house for clues.

In the basement, Rachel's brother, sitting in a 70's style recliner, is watching an older episode of the TV show that we are in.  In this episode, Jim, dressed as Albert Einstein, Ethan and a third man are walking down the large hall of a beautiful mansion, eating kabobs.  Ethan exclaimed how tasty the meat was, and the third gentleman said that it was "Mike's dog".  The police heard this, and thought that Rachel had cooked Max and served it to people in the basement.

Then I woke up.

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